Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting / Mon April 29 / 6PM

Gardening with Charlie Nardozzi

Ecological Gardening & Companion Planting

Monday, April 29th at 6:00 in the Steele Room.

The Friends of the Waterbury Public Library present their Annual Tea with Charlie Nardozzi. This year the Friends moved the tea to a Monday evening to be able to have Charlie speak on Ecological Gardening and Companion Planting.

Enjoy tea and baked goods provided by the Friends!

Nationally recognized gardener, writer, speaker and television personality, Charlie Nardozzi is this years featured speaker. Ecological gardening makes use of native species to attract pollinators, birds and other native wildlife.  There’s a special emphasis on soil building and caring for the creatures in the ground. Companion Planting is a mutually beneficial system where both vegetables and flowers planted together support each other, save space, protect from insects, enrich the soil, and so much more.

The Friends was established in 1966 by a small group of dedicated volunteers motivated by a desire to make a difference in their library. Over the years, they have supported and improved library facilities, services and programming for their beloved Waterbury community.