SAL Room Use Policy & Use Request Form


Please read the SAL Room Policy and submit the SAL Room Use Request Form below to request a reservation.

SAL Room Policy (Waterbury, VT)

The SAL Room is available to Waterbury, Vermont community members regardless of their beliefs, affiliations, or social views.

Priority of Use: The Library’s activities will take precedence over all other requests. The Library Director has full authority to grant, refuse, or revoke permission to use the SAL Room. The Library reserves the right to re-schedule a group after it has made a reservation, due to special circumstances.

Liability: The Library is not liable for the loss, theft, or damage of any property or for any personal injury that takes place in its community space.

Requirements: Events scheduled in the SAL Room should be of an educational, cultural, or community interest. The Library Director has the authority to determine appropriateness of any proposed activity for the SAL Room.

  • The SAL Room may not be booked for individual use.
  • Programming that is deemed hate speech will be refused.
  • Programs/events must take place during Library hours and must end when the Library closes, unless prior approval has been given by the Library Director.
  • The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints expressed by SAL Room users.

Reservations & Responsibilities

  • Reservations for the SAL Room must be made in advance.
  • Reservations cannot be made more than six months in advance, unless approved by the Library Director.
  • Groups can make one reservation per month, unless exception is made by the Library Director.
  • The SAL Room must be left in the condition in which it was found. A minimum charge of $25 may be levied if not left in its original condition.
  • The group using the space will be responsible for compensation for any damages or losses incurred by the Library as a result of the group’s use.
  • The person responsible for the group must sign the use agreement.
  • If a fee is applied for the use of the Room, the reservation is not fully confirmed until the fee is paid.


  • No fee for Waterbury, VT residents.
  • $25 per reservation for groups based outside Waterbury.
  • ANY GROUP, resident or non-resident, that charges to attend an event in the SAL Room must pay $25. (EXCEPTION: Waterbury Recreation programs are exempt from room rental fees.)
  • State of Vermont agencies are considered nonresident.


SAL Room Use Request Form (Waterbury, VT)

Before you submit this form, first check to make sure the time and date you are requesting is currently available by checking our Meeting Room Availability Calendar. Meetings can only be scheduled during the times that the library is open.

Please note that submitting this Request Form does not guarantee you a reservation. After we receive this form, a library staff member will be in touch with the contact person provided. If you have not been contacted withinin three days please call (802) 244-7036 to follow up on your request.